Airport hospitality lounges help customers to experience a first-class journey – regardless of the status of their ticket. The experience all depends on having the right staff in place.

From the welcoming host or hostess to the attentive bartender and the chef preparing fine food from great ingredients, Verve Aviation understands the qualities you look for in these and other important roles.

Thanks to Verve Aviation’s modern recruitment and training techniques – including our online platforms and training facilities – our staff are more than ready to deliver a high quality customer experience that enhances your brand.

Our Roles

Hospitality Hosts

Welcoming hosts who help customers to relax and enjoy their journey.

Kitchen Staff

Whatever the role – from chef to KP – we’ve got you covered

Bar Staff

Well-trained staff who know how to run a bar and make customers feel at ease.

Food Service Staff

People who are capable of dealing with challenges of busy, fast-moving food service environments.